Living in Spain 

Ten tips for a rainy day

Contrary to popular belief, the rain in Spain doesn?t just fall on the plain. It sometimes falls on the Costa del Sol too, unfortunately.

So when you can?t laze on the beach or take a dip in your swimming pool, why not keep yourself busy with the our top 10 things to do when the sun is on its day off!


1.????? Make tapas

If you?ve been living in Spain for a while and only eat tapas when sat in a bar or restaurant, this (and the rain, of course) is the perfect excuse for you to don your apron and try your hand at making some traditional tapas. For recipe ideas visit


2.???? Watch The Sound of Music

This film never fails to lift spirits when the weather is grey and dull outside. Sing along with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and the seven children and be transported back to 1965 when the film hit our cinema screens for the very first time. Yes, it really was that long ago! How time flies?


3.???? Visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga

There should be a law which states that all persons residing in the Malaga region MUST visit the Picasso Museum at least once or be forced to live elsewhere! Whether or not you?re a culture vulture, you simply can?t help but love the work of this kooky artist. For opening times and directions visit


4.???? Read a good book

Reading can open doors to new and exciting worlds, characters and scenarios and can often provide one with an escape from the things that are going on in real-life. Perfect!

Why not check out our selection of recommended books. Each of the stories is based in Spain and some are sure to strike a chord with you.


5.???? Join Facebook

You?ve heard the grandkids talking about it and it?s likely you?ve already branded it a nuisance without even giving it a try (we?ve all been there). However, joining this revolutionary social network is quite possibly the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to keep in touch with your family and friends. With a live ?chat? facility, photo, music and video sharing as well as online games, there is of course a possibility that you could become addicted to the site; it is however, a lot of fun!


6.???? Start your own blog

If you?ve ever kept a diary or simply enjoy writing/ranting/sharing your experiences, then it?s time you began blogging. By signing up to (which, by the way, is completely free), you have access to a state-of-the-art publishing platform on which you can create your very own online diary, upload images and videos as well as recommend links to other websites.


7.????? Drive to a random village

If you?ve visited all the popular tourist towns (Mijas, Nerja, Coin) why not pick up a map of the Andalucia region and head inland to a village or town you?ve never heard of! There?s nothing better than discovering a quaint Spanish mountain pueblo ? traditional (and cheap) cuisine, picturesque views, tranquility and best of all, no holidaymakers! Just make sure you know some basic phrases?


8.???? Play a board game

Don?t let your old board games sit there gathering dust! When the weather?s not on your side, there?s no better time to get the Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Scrabble board out and engage in some good old fashioned fun!


9.???? Plan your next trip

Take a break from the Costa del Sol and discover different areas of Spain. It?s a huge country with so much to offer so why spend all your time here? Spanish rail company, Renfe, have recently launched a service which runs from Malaga to Barcelona overnight. The Gibralfaro Trenhotel runs at high speed and provides comfortable carriages for passengers who fancy a long-haul trip to the Catalan capital. For more information visit


10. Organise a get-together with friends

You don?t need sun to enjoy sangria and a good natter! Invite your friends or neighbours round for a few drinks and nibbles in the comfort of your own home!




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