Redecorating tips

It sounds a little boring but if you?re not great at DIY or have had little experience, then the key to successful redecorating is in the planning. In the long run it?ll save you time whilst helping you think the job through carefully before you make any rash decisions, particularly when it comes to that all important colour scheme and the tools you?ll need to buy before you get started.


Before you redecorate a room, you need to decide how far you?re going to go. Is it just a case of repainting the walls, the ceiling or the woodwork? Or will you be changing the type of flooring you already have? Then there?s the upholstery and lighting! However, these decisions often depend on the amount of money you?re willing to part with.

Start a scrapbook

Unless you prefer plain white rooms, you?ll need to gather together colour charts and fabric samples to help you decide which products you?re going to use. To keep it altogether and make it easier to see which colours compliment each other, invest in a book with plain pages from the stationery department of your local supermarket and stick fabrics and colours in there each day for about a week or until you?re absolutely sure about what you want to use.


Here are some ideas for compiling your scrapbook:

????????? Pick up free colour charts from local DIY stores

????????? Collect samples of fabrics from curtain shops and department stores

????????? Walking around the local markets along the coast can be a great way of finding cheap

????????? fabrics, antiques and ornaments

????????? Tear pages out of magazines for colour scheme inspiration



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