4 easy ways to make your holiday home pay its way

Own a holiday home in Spain? Don't let it be a casualty of the recession - follow our tips for getting the very best out of your property while maintaining a healthy bank balance.
  • Be prepared to do deals with potential guests. Due to the global economic crisis, people will have less money to spend on their holidays so other holiday home owners will be lowering their prices. Don't be afraid to compete with them!

  • Market your holiday home to specific groups, for example, you could?advertise your property as being perfect for a 'romantic break' particularly if it is detached and close to the sea or in a secluded mountain location with stunning views. Open fires will add to the appeal during the winter months, as will a hot tub, if you have sufficient room for one.

  • Invest in some contemporary furnishings. Most shops are offering big discounts at the moment, so you won't have to break the bank. If you're thinking of buying sofas or chairs, opt for wipe-down leather designs with removable covers as they're much easier to keep clean. The new Ikea situated close to Malaga airport is the perfect place to look for this type of furniture.

  • Do take advice from your letting agent. For example, if they tell you to put in a plasma or LCD flat screen television then do so. You may not have thought so but these details are extremely important, especially in today's tough market. If your property is quite expensive, holidaymakers will expect the latest high-tech equipment.



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