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Make a splash!

There?s nothing better than dipping into a pool of cool water on a hot summer?s day or waking up early in the morning to exercise the muscles with a few lengths, but if you don?t already have your own swimming pool and are thinking of having one built, there?s a few things you need to consider beforehand.

Firstly, you need to position the pool away from obstacles such as tree and flowering shrubs in order for it to get the maximum amount of sunshine through the day and also to ensure you don?t get leaves and petals falling into the water and blocking filters as fishing them out can be a tedious job!

You also need to consider where the electricity supply is going to come from and decide on a suitable location for the pump and housing for the filtration system, if you have an outbuilding in your garden, perhaps it?s worth considering using it for this purpose.

However the system needs to be as close to the pool as possible so it can obtain the best performance from the pump. A water supply also needs to be close to the pool and if you?re thinking about building a pool with heating, it?s a good idea to restrict the size of the pool to reduce costly electricity bills.

Adding lights to a pool can create a magic focal point in your garden at night; however you must make sure there is a nearby electricity supply before you install them.

Poolside showers are great for getting the chlorine off you before you venture back into the house but make sure you find a suitable position for it so that it?s still possible to enter and leave the pool without slipping on the excess water.

Deciding on whether to build steps into the shallow end of the pool or create a metal stairway into the deep end s very important. If you suffer from a bad back or other joint problems you may want to opt for the built-in steps as they require less effort to get you in and out of the water.




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